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5 min readSep 5, 2022

Guardians, Elemental Masters

The penultimate mint is upon us, and with it come the dragons most in tune with the elements; the Guardians. These majestic creatures will be unleashed 6th September, here’s the crucial info:

Mint Summary
- Mint installment 9/10
- Dragon class being minted: Guardian
- Batch size: 1000
- Price: 2$Sol
- Begins September 6th, 2022
- Priority minting begins at 14:00 CET here
- Whitelist minting begins at 16:00 CET here
- Public minting begins at 22:00 CET here

The Spirit of the Guardian
On the slope of the mountain, three dragons approached the aged guardian above them. Sitting tall, with its taloned forearms between its hind legs, the metal dragon stared in perfect stillness. If not for its flaring nostrils and the crystallized exhaust around them, it was a statue. Heads close to the ground, eyes locked on their target, the would-be assailants began to fan out.

At their encircling maneuver, the guardian sensed their malice. Its instincts screamed at it; ‘do not let these interlopers gain position!’ Discerning the rightmost dragon as a fighter class dragon, the silent guardian prioritized it. With the smallest movement it turned its head ever so slightly to its left, fixing its gaze on the two leftmost dragons: slayer class on the far left, mage class in the middle. Classic setup.

With impossible speed and without changing its gaze, it raised its right talon at the fighter, unleashing a stream of metal slivers at it! Piercing the crisp mountain air, the stream of metal shards reflected sunlight in glittering sparks of chromatic brilliance, relentlessly pushing at the fighter, stinging it, spinning it.

As the metal showered off the fighter, the mage next to it deftly sidestepped the spill and drew breath, its chest engorging. Simultaneously the slayer class dragon set its horn at the old guardian and began to charge. The ancient metallicized dragon glimmered and shone as it enveloped itself in a Shield spell.

The Shield would absorb the charge: it was the mage that was going to be the problem …

To Preserve and Protect
Of all dragon classes, guardians are most sensitive to their inherent elemental nature. Indeed, Guardian class dragons are masters of the elements and none can match their lethality with them. So in tune with it are they, that they can convert the normally volatile ways of the elements into healing. Tremendous defenders and sly attackers, the Guardian class dragons cast shield spells so strong they can absorb a single blow of any magnitude. As if that was not enough, they are clever combatants, striking backlines without mercy or stealing the enemy’s Block for their own use.

A hybrid of support, offense and manipulation, Guardians can serve as healers, sneaky antagonizers and damage dealers, their versatility unsurpassed.

Skill sets: Protection, Cunning.
Work well with: Tankers, Hunters.
Advantage against: Fighter.
Vulnerable versus: Assassin.
Prime stats: Elemental Power, Armor.


Target Backmost — Effect
- The next skill the unit uses targets a random backmost enemy unit.

Syphon Block — Effect
- Removes Block from the target.
- Gain Block equal to the amount removed.

Aftershock — Damage over Time Effect
- Elemental skills can apply Aftershock.
- Aftershock deals damage to its target at the end of the target’s turn.
- Damage is scaled by the attacker’s Elemental Power.
- Damage doesn’t stack, it is always the last applied value.
- Skills with Aftermath make use of Aftershock durations.
- E.g.: Remove x Aftershocks: do something.
Note: While Guardians do not have skills with Aftermath, their Aftershocks will usually have longer durations than those placed by other classes, making them the perfect companion for Dragon classes that employ Aftermath. Essentially, Guardian Aftershocks are the best Aftershocks!


Dragon Shield — Buff
- When this unit is next struck, prevent all damage from the strike.
Note that some skills strike multiple times, in that case, only the first strike is negated.
Only negates damage, not debuffs.

Victimize — Debuff
- Direct Elemental damage taken increased significantly.
- Does not affect Aftershock damage.

Behemoth — Buff
- After this unit is struck it gains Block.
- Block gained is based on the unit’s Armor.


Retrace Moment — Buff
- When a unit with Retrace Moment is destroyed, instantly revive it and heal it for % of its Max HP.
Note that the target becomes destroyed, losing all other buffs and debuffs.

Elemental Mastery — Buff
- Significantly increases the target’s Elemental Power.

Spirit Elemental — Buff
- Elemental Power increases healing output.

Invigorate — Buff
- Heals target unit for a % of its Max HP.

You are now allowed to copy the following line:

*\*boasts\** I am **Dragoneer**, and the elements serve me!

… into our Discord’s #general_chat channel. Whee!

And that’s it! Keep Hodling! ❤

- Mint installment 9/10.
- Dragon class being minted: Guardian.
- Batch size: 1000.
- Price: 2$Sol.
- Begins September 6th. 2022.
- Priority minting begins at 14:00 CET here.
- Whitelist minting begins at 16:00 CET here.
- Public minting begins at 22:00 CET here.
- Eggs hatch 48 hours after being minted.
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