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It is a sad fact in the NFT streets, as in any walk of life, that a small minority seek to gain from others immorally. Although we as a company take every precaution possible to ensure the safety and security of our site, there are many ways in which bad actors can come directly after you, the community.

Here’s our handy tips to help keep your NFTs safe.This may not cover every trick in the book, unfortunately the methods of bad actors in the space are ever-evolving.

How the Eternal Dragons Team tries to keep you safe
Our team follow strict communication methods to ensure the safety of our community:

  • You will never receive a direct message from an Eternal Dragons team member, unless you’ve contacted us via DM first
  • Eternal Dragons will never hold a ‘shock mint’, they will always be announced in advance
  • We will never ask for your seed phrase, under any circumstances
  • Any airdrops will always be announced ahead of time

Phishing links
Be very careful with links in the NFT space. Whether they come through DMs, chats, text messages, emails, treat all links as suspicious. Make sure you only use links provided in official channels, and by official social media accounts. We recommend you never press accept on any unexpected transactions within your Solana wallet, this can be a sign you’ve clicked a malicious link.

Shock mints
These are almost certain to be scams. They are usually ‘set approval for all’, or ‘send’ functions, and not mint functions. These functions allow for the contract deployer to be able to access your wallet.These usually originate in discords and will be multiple pings, trying to rush you by saying ‘last mints’, ‘extra mints’ etc. Know the project and how they expect to drop. Always stay calm and ask around other discords before trying to mint.

Random airdropped NFTs
These tokens and NFTs are almost always scams. Please make sure not to list, or transfer these. Hide them on solana if you’d like but don’t interact more. Do not accept bids on random airdropped nfts.

Discord Bots
You can right click and make a note on the Matrica and other discord verification bots so you know the real one. When discord bots send messages and tag everyone assume they are hacked.

Discord Webhooks
Rarely do any projects use webhooks to announce things. Do not mint from webhook links.

Never bookmark anything. This has been a common scam recently. Dragging a bot or something to your bookmark bar can provide scammers with complete control of your computer.

Don’t download anything from people you don’t know. Only download files if you’re 100% confident in the sender, and the contents of the file.

There are a lot of fake verified twitter accounts, and accounts pretending to be official project accounts on twitter. Please do not get fooled by mints, free mints, hype mints, or any twitter post scams.

Use official trading sites and make sure to read all info before clicking accept. We highly recommend you avoid trading ‘manually’ outside of trading sites.

Mod positions
Always double check the discord ID (string of numbers) of people you are speaking to. Do your research on the project and double check with the official account before joining a discord or clicking random links.

Safety practices
1. Ledger. keep all expensive assets in this wallet. This wallet should be a vault. It should never connect to sites, or contracts and should stay as cold storage for assets you won’t sell or need. When assets in the wallet are needed you can send them via ledger live to a different address.

2. Hot wallet: This wallet should be one that interacts with contracts and websites. You should not store your expensive assets in this wallet.

3. (optional).
Minting wallet: This should be a different wallet from the hot wallet. This wallet should be on a separate browser than your normal browser with a hot wallet.

Ledgers: Make two copies of your seed phrase. Never store your seed phrase digitally. Make sure to always buy on the official website. (buy here: For video instruction please watch

We hope the above tips help you stay safe in the NFT streets.

Stay safe,
Eternal Dragons



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