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Eternal Dragons
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The Mint

The Eternal Dragons take flight on the 12th of July. If you’re brand new to the project have a read of the NFT benefits and initial mint announcement.

All caught up? Here’s the key facts, followed by a comprehensive FAQ, as we approach this momentous occasion:

Key facts

Mint date — July 12th, 2022

Whitelist mint start time — 10am CET

Public mint start time — 4pm CET

Mint price — 2 $SOL

Batches — our mint will be split into batches, allowing us to put a spotlight on each different class of dragon that makes up the 10k collection. On the 12th of July 1000 dragons from the Fighter Class will be available to mint.

Whitelist allocation — Not everyone on the whitelist will get to mint on the 12th of July. From 10am CET on the 11th of July you’ll be able to connect your wallet to the Eternal Dragons website, and be allocated a minting batch. Don’t worry if you’re not eligible to mint during the first batch of 1000 dragons, dragon rarity is random across the whole 10k collection.


Q: What’s happening on July the 12th?
A: The first 1000 Eternal Dragons will be minted. All dragons released in this first batch will be from the Fighter Class (more info below).

Q: Where is the mint happening?
A: On the Eternal Dragons website & MagicEden Launchpad

Q: Only 1000 dragons?
A: Our mint is being done in batches, allowing each class of dragons its own time to shine. The first 1000 dragons will be released on July the 12th, with additional classes of dragons released weekly to make up the overall 10k collection.

Q: I’m whitelisted, what happens next?
A: From July 11, 10:00am CET head to, connect your wallet, and hit ‘Allocate Mint Spots’. You’ll then be shown which mint batch(es) you’ve been assigned to. If it’s batch 1 then you’ll be able to mint on the 12th of July.

Q: I’m not whitelisted, what about me?
A: The whitelisted batch 1 wallets will have 6hrs on the 12th of July to mint. Dragons remaining when we reach 4pm CET on the 12th of July can then be grabbed via public mint. Just head to and connect your wallet.

Q: Any time limit on the mint?
A: The mint will stay open until all 1000 dragons have been released, or until the second batch begins — whichever is sooner..

Q: How many dragons can I mint?
A: There is no limit on how many dragons you can mint in the public phase , but only one dragon can be minted per transaction. In the whitelist phase you are allowed to mint one dragon if you are allocated to that batch.

Q: Where can I see my minted dragon(s)?
A: Once minted your dragons will live in your gallery. The dragons in the first batch will reveal 72hrs after they are minted.

Q: I’m whitelisted in a later batch, when are they?
A: Additional batches will be released weekly, with the second being released on July the 19th. Please be sure to follow our Twitter and Discord to keep informed.

Q: How do I view my dragon’s rarity?
A: There’ll be an article on rarity in the next couple of days.

Q: Is there a secondary market?
A: Yes, secondary will be available as soon as minting starts. This will initially be on Magic Eden, but we will also have a marketplace very soon on

Q: Is the whitelist oversubscribed?
A: Yes, meaning not everyone who has a whitelist spot has a guarantee to mint. So please make sure you don’t leave it too late to mint!

Q: How do I contact support?
A: The best way is through our Discord, which you can join here. If you encounter any problems during the mint, please open a Ticket.

Q: Help, i’m completely new to NFTs and need more detail
A: There’s a step-by-step guide further down this article, head there.

Q: Will you reserve any NFTs for the DAO?
A: Yes, 20% of the overall supply will be reserved for the DAO and marketing activities.

Q: Where can I view the contract?
A: The contract address is FSrWY285cgRUosaMp3mzPqJ4SKyfZKYvtUhzjgbP1rmc. This will be deployed prior to the mint.

A word on NFT safety…..

We want to make sure everyone has a great mint experience, in a secure and safe environment. Here’s some top tips to ensure you don’t fall foul of bad actors:

- NEVER give anyone your seed phrase.
- Eternal Dragons team members will never DM you first.
- Be very careful with links, make sure you avoid any links sent by other users.
- Eternal Dragons will never do an unannounced ‘shock mint’.
- Eternal Dragons will not airdrop unannounced items.
- Always be on the lookout for fake social media accounts, discord bots, mod positions.
- Avoid ‘trading’ with other users, use official marketplaces such as Magic Eden.
- We highly recommend keeping valuable NFTs and Crypto in a cold storage wallet (ledger).

We’ll post a full article on safety in the coming days.

Step-by-step minting

If you’re completely new to NFTs and minting this should help:

- Head to
- Click mint
- Click ‘Select Wallet’
-If you have one already attached to your browser it should be auto-detected and can be selected
-If not then select one of the options (we suggest Phantom) and follow the steps to create a wallet, and add $SOL to it.
-$SOL can either be added from another wallet where you already hold $SOL, or by depositing directly into your new wallet through Moonpay and other providers.
- Once your wallet is attached approve the signature message that appears
- You will now see whether you are whitelisted or not. For this detailed guide we’ll assume you are not.
- Hit ‘Access Public Mint’
- Click ‘Click here to Mint’
- Click ‘Mint’
- Approve the transaction
- After a brief period you should then see the mint has been successful

An exemplary ‘fighter class’ dragon

Introducing the Fighter Class

“As the tiny almost fragile looking hatchling let its first gaze — ever so bright eyed — fall upon the human watching over this precarious yet ceremonial event, they both instinctively knew that this bond would never be broken.”

As you’ve read above, the first batch of Eternal Dragons will be made up by the Fighter Class. These mighty creatures are just one of the dragon classes that’ll make up the overall 10k collection. Here’s a little more on the Fighters:

Wielding the Assault and Spirit skill sets, they favor physical power and armor above all other attributes. Disciplined and organized, Fighters often attack in coordinated swoops and employ both blessings and curses to prime devastating attacks. As skilled in healing as they are in attack, they can possess the fantastical ability to cheat death (albeit under conditions).

Eternal Dragons
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