Mint Announcement Batch 10 — Light and Dark Affinities!

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4 min readSep 9, 2022

Part 1/3 — The Mint Announcement!

This article is part of a series, first part of three. Part 2 will be published 10.09 and part 3 on 11.09.

We have a very special topic to discuss!
The contents of the final mint will be Genesis dragons of the powerful Light or Dark affinities, and can be of any of the released classes. These affinities are very special!

Now, Light and Dark affinities are special for several reasons, but in order for us to understand why they will be the most valuable units in the game, we need to first understand how buffs, debuffs, roar skills and affinity bonuses work.

This is a lot of information to go through though, so we’re delivering it piece-by-piece over three articles.

The first part, (this article) we have the regular information about the mint itself and then we’re going to cover how buffs and debuffs work and why they are such an important part of the gameplay.

The second part will explain roars in detail and list the buffs each class can have in its roar skills.

The third part will explain affinities in detail and list all the (current) designs for affinity bonuses. It is in this article where it becomes absolutely clear why the Light and Dark affinities are so powerful and this information will change forever how you view your Eternal Dragons collection!

So strap in tight, we’re in for a ride of reveals!

- Mint installment 10/10.
- Dragon class being minted: All classes can appear.
- Affinities being minted: All dragons will be of either the Light affinity or the Dark affinity.
- Batch size: 1000.
- Price: 2$Sol.
- Begins September 13th. 2022.
- Priority minting begins at 14:00 CET here.
- Whitelist minting begins at 16:00 CET here.
- Public minting begins at 22:00 CET here.
- Eggs hatch 48 hours after being minted.

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Buffs and debuffs play a significant role in Chapter 1. They are not minor tweaks but powerful effects that whole strategies revolve around. In many games, buffs are slight improvements and debuffs trivial annoyances. A 5% bonus here, a 5% malus there. Not so in Chapter 1. For example, the buffs and debuffs that affect Elemental Power, Physical Power, Spellcasting and Armor have a 50% value attached to them. This means that buffing a unit’s Elemental Power stat is near equivalent to increasing that unit’s elemental damage output by 50%. It’s not exactly that cut and dry, but for all intents and purposes, mostly correct. It also means that debuffing an enemy unit’s Spellcasting results in them losing half of their Spellcasting for the duration of the debuff, a terrible blow to its ability to resist and land its own debuffs!

Buffs and debuffs have a duration. The default value is 1. When a unit ends its turn, all of its buffs and debuffs lose 1 duration and are removed if their duration becomes 0. A lot of team compositions revolve around keeping certain buffs or debuffs up for as long as possible and because of the random nature of targeting in Chapter 1 it requires careful planning of the order one’s units act in and their positioning. Team setup matters! In fact, manipulating how the enemy targets your team and how your team targets the enemy are often the basic strategy of teams. So keeping in mind that attackers might not always strike the same target consistently it becomes important to stack key buffs and debuffs to make sure one reaps their benefits.

Buffs and debuffs are a major visual indicator of what is happening in combat and while buffs always land on friendly targets, debuffs can be resisted. Indeed, resisting or landing a key debuff is often a moment of excitement and can sometimes turn games. If a unit attempts to debuff an enemy unit and the enemy resists it, well that can be a catalytic effect that changes the entire combat! A big part of the enjoyment and excitement that comes from watching a game of Chapter 1 comes not only from damage numbers soaring through the air, but also from noting the buff and debuff status on the board and seeing key debuffs and buffs being applied or prevented!

And that’s it for buffs and debuffs! See you in part 2!

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