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5 min readJun 27, 2022

Today we can share spectacular news, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


It has been quite the journey to get to this point and we’ve loved every minute of it! We’re so excited about what we are building here. The community that has already formed around Eternal Dragons has been fantastic to see, and we are enjoying it growing by the day!

In this article, we’ll share information about the mint, along with an FAQ section. There’ll then be a further article published in early July providing full details on how to mint, pricing etc.

The Mint

In our constant efforts to redefine what gaming can be in a Web3 world, the mint will take place in several batches, the first of which will be released July 12, 2022. Each batch will incorporate a different theme, showcasing the unique features of our Eternal Dragons. 1,000 dragons will take flight on July 12th with further batches being released soon after, making up the overall 10k collection.

Minting will provide you with an unhatched dragon egg, filled with mystery and promise. Around 72 hours later your dragon will hatch, revealing itself to its new master. Your dragon is the key that unlocks the Eternal Dragons world, an extremely powerful creature with extended utility across all the coming game chapters. Read about all the benefits of holding an Eternal Dragons NFT here.

A word from our founders

“The Eternal Dragons NFT Collection is the cornerstone of our franchise. Everything we do, everything we build is meant to add value to the collection holders” says Trailblazer CEO and co-founder Alex Arias. “All the franchise game chapters provide added utility for these beautiful and powerful creatures. Owning them is joining an identity, a vision of a better world, connected through play.”

“Through extending the NFT-protocol we’re creating a deeper connection with players by letting them own a part of the game, whose evolution is stored as an immutable record,” says Bertrand Lamarque, CTO and co-founder.

“I’m so excited to finally get our beautifully crafted Eternal Dragons NFTs into the hands of our community!” says Andreas Risberg, CPO and co-founder. “These one of a kind dragons represent a very real and concrete piece of the Eternal Dragons universe, being at the center of everything from lore and gameplay, to community and identity. They truly are the key to the Eternal Dragons kingdom.”

Want to learn more?

If you’re brand new to Eternal Dragons go view our trailer, then have a read of our comprehensive whitepaper.

The best place to keep up with all things Eternal Dragons is in Medium, and to fully immerse yourself in our community join the discussions on Discord. You can also join our email list on the Eternal Dragons website.


Q: What does your minting schedule look like?
The initial 1,000 dragon mint will take place July 12th, 2022. The remainder of the minting schedule will be detailed in a forthcoming Medium article, with 10k dragons making up the entire collection.

Q: How do I get on the whitelist?
There are various ways to get whitelisted for an Eternal Dragons NFT. The main one is simply to be active and engaged within our community (Twitter, Discord, Medium etc). We’re constantly monitoring and rewarding those who add value. We are also working in collaboration with other projects, providing whitelist spots to their communities. There are also quests to complete on which enable you to compete for a whitelist spot. Anyone who can add value to Eternal Dragons will be considered for a spot, please feel free to send us a Discord DM if you have ideas. The whitelist will close soon, we’ll provide a final date in due course, so don’t miss out!

Q: Are there any fees associated with the Mint?
With Solana fees are so small they’re barely noticed, around the $0.00025 mark. Other than that miniscule amount, you simply pay the mint price and enjoy your dragon!

Q: What are the benefits of minting an Eternal Dragon?
We have a great Medium article detailing all the gameplay benefits and additional perks you can expect. Go read it here.

Q: When does the reveal take place following mint?
Dragons will break free from their eggs and reveal themselves around 72hrs after being minted.

Q: How do I view my dragon’s rarity?
You’ll be able to see the rarity of each NFT trait at, or on secondary marketplaces such as Magic Eden. The more rare traits your dragon has, the more valuable it will be to potential suitors. Can you get lucky and mint the rarest dragon of all….

Q: Is there a secondary market?
Yes, secondary will be available as soon as minting starts. This will initially be on Magic Eden, but we will also have our marketplace very soon on

Q: When can I breed and battle with my dragon?
The breeding element of Eternal Dragons is expected soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more details in due course. Our auto-chess battle game will then follow in Q4 2022.

Q: Can I use my dragon as my social media PFP?
Yes, absolutely, Show off your Eternal Dragon in all its glory! No promises, but you may even find additional benefits coming your way for doing so……

Q: How do I contact the team with any issues?
The best way is through our Discord, which you can join here.

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