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5 min readJun 22, 2022

The release of the Eternal Dragons NFTs is just around the corner, so we wanted to update you on some of the benefits they will bring. They represent a core piece of the entire Eternal Dragons universe, IP and franchise. Holding an Eternal Dragons NFT will not only give you benefits in the short term, like early access to the first game releasing later this year, but will also provide you with long term benefits across all the games and entire ecosystem. It will be your very own, extremely powerful creature with extended utility across all the coming game chapters.

The Eternal Dragons NFTs will serve as the cornerstone of our franchise and community. They will become a truly recognisable and unmistakable sign of identity and belonging, as the Eternal Dragons saga and brand develop and reach the masses.

In this article we’ll outline just some of the perks you can expect from our NFTs, split into two sections. We have both gameplay benefits, and additional perks.

Gameplay Benefits

  • Breeding revenue with no cap
  • Passively get Eternium from descendants
  • Unique appearances
  • Increased in-game power and invaluable DNA
  • Dragon renting

Additional Perks

  • Item airdrop
  • Token airdrop
  • NFT and $EDQ pre-sale access
  • Chapter 1 early access
  • Exclusive IRL and virtual events
  • Alpha discord channel
  • ‘Holder-only’ and discounted merch

In addition the Whitepaper provides great detail on how Eternal Dragons will deliver value for active gameplay, plus passive income, on an ongoing basis.

Gameplay Benefits

Earn more Eternium via Breeding

Eternal Dragons will have a better breeding potential than their descendants that’ll be capped. This allows you to make your dragon available for breeding, passively generating Eternium whenever a user chooses your dragon to breed. The potential Eternium gain here is uncapped. Save for the cycle times breeding takes, it’s up to you how often your dragon is available for siring. So you can sit back, relax, and let your dragon’s DNA do the work. The rarer your dragon is, and the more valuable its DNA, the higher the potential breeding returns.

Passively get Eternium from descendants

Eternal Dragons will receive Eternium passively from descendants, so the more your dragon is chosen for breeding the greater the earning potential.

Unique Appearances

Our initial dragon NFTs have a look that will remain distinct and unique. These looks will naturally be considered valuable due to scarcity. Some characteristics cannot be inherited through breeding, making them a truly unique asset. These beautiful NFTs are truly the cornerstone of the Eternal Dragons universe, and will remain highly coveted. Whatever twists and turns the Eternal Dragons saga takes, you can be certain that the original dragons will endure as the must-own piece of the puzzle.

Increased In-Game Power and Invaluable DNA

The Eternal Dragons will have some unique in-game abilities that won’t be passed on to future generations. These abilities will make them inherently more powerful in the game. Also, having the probability of rarer characteristics than descendants, will translate directly to increased in-game power.

Dragon renting

In the future we’ll also be providing the ability to rent out your dragon, allowing others to harness its power in battle. This provides more passive income for the holder, as your dragon fights for others before coming home to its true master.

Additional Perks

Item Airdrop

The first phase of Eternal Dragons will be focused on the breeding game, for which you’ll need eggs and Eternium. Can you be the one to snag a rare egg via airdrop, that leads to a fantastic breeding opportunity? By holding an NFT you’ll certainly get the chance to find out. We reward loyal holders, the longer you stick around the more the rewards pile up.

Token Airdrop

Eternium is the utility token in the Eternal Dragons universe, and will be necessary for much of the value creation available to you. Breeding, leveling up your dragon, entering competitions, and many more use cases down the line. Eternium is the key to this world, through holding an Eternal Dragons NFT you’ll be rewarded with that key.

NFT and $EDQ Pre-sale Access

As a holder you’ll be entitled to pre-sales of both future NFTs within the Eternal Dragons series, and our $EDQ token. The greater a success we and the community make the Eternal Dragons series, the bigger these rewards become.

Chapter 1 Early Access

As Eternal Dragons Chapter 1 hits the horizon, your benefits as an NFT holder really start to ramp up, and crucially you’ll also get a head start on the competition. You and fellow holders will be the first to actually play the game, providing the chance to try out strategies and provide feedback in the ALPHA-build, as well as progress through the game in our closed BETA! The game will have a large strategic element to it, and you’ll have access to early testing and strategy learnings before all others. You’ll also have access to a Chapter 1 Alpha channel where you can provide feedback to help shape the future of Eternal Dragons.

Exclusive IRL and Virtual Events

We plan to run events both in the real and virtual worlds where you can meet the team and other Eternal Dragons holders.

Alpha Discord Channel

We’ll also be looking to provide benefits that take you both deeper into, and even outside of, the Eternal Dragons universe. NFT holders will be invited to an Alpha Discord channel that’ll provide a direct link to the team and our developers. You’ll get the chance to attend AMAs, panels, and grab first looks at new facets of the Eternal Dragons landscape. Alpha info on all things Eternal Dragons is guaranteed. Whitelist opportunities in selected Solana-based projects will also be made available.

‘Holder-Only’ and Discounted Merch

No NFT project is complete without it, and with the heights we intend to scale Eternal Dragons to, our initial set could become truly valuable. We’re still debating how best to reward holders with their very own Eternal Dragons threads, but we’ll ensure you’re treated royally. One thing is for sure — it’ll be a limited run that’s highly sought after.

The combination of in-game benefits, an already super-strong community, plus additional perks, make Eternal Dragons a force to be truly reckoned with as we launch our first NFT collection.

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*Disclaimer — At this stage of the project all benefits are outlined as currently planned. Trailblazer Games reserves the right to add, amend or remove benefits if deemed appropriate for the good of the project. All changes to project plans, timelines and benefits will be communicated to users proactively through our communication channels.



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