Eternal Dragons Launch Alpha Guilds Tournament with 5,000+ USDC in Prizes

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3 min readApr 21, 2023

The Eternal Dragons team is thrilled to announce the launch of our first Guild-focused tournament. Building on the great success of the inaugural Alpha Tournament earlier this month, with 128 tickets sold out and over 80,000 views across various channels, we now give the spotlight to the guilds that have joined Eternal Dragons and those who have been formed specifically around our game!

The tournament will run April 29th-30th, with the first matches starting at 18:00pm CEST on Saturday. There are eight spots in the tournament, with one spot reserved for each of the gaming guilds currently involved in Eternal Dragons.

Once the tournament ‘locks,’ we will carry out a random draw that puts the participants into an 8-person bracket. It is a single-elimination tournament, with 50% of the field eliminated each round. Matches will be ‘best of five’ up to the Semi Final stage, with the remaining two Dragoneers playing ‘best of seven’ in the Final.

Player Choice & Player Cards

Guilds will be contacted by our partnerships manager Irakli. Each guild has one seat reserved for them, with the remaining three available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the participating guild confirms their players, they will receive their Player Cards.

Player Cards for each participant will be available to purchase on Magic Eden, enabling all Dragoneers to get involved by supporting their favorites! For a reminder of how Player Cards work and how they can help you to get involved in the tournament, head here.

Here’s a breakdown of the current event schedule; note this is subject to change:

The Prizepool

The minimum prize pool is 5,000 USDC, which will increase through the contribution of fees from trading player cards. Increases in the prize pool will be reflected live on the Eternal Dragons tournament page.

Here’s a breakdown of how prizes will be awarded:

Tournament Entry

Tournament entry is limited to 8 participants. The following guilds will be reserved a spot for the tournament:

  • Roxy
  • Sharp
  • HOG
  • SRN
  • ALP

The remaining tickets will be available to the guilds on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our partnerships manager, Irakli, can be contacted if a new guild wants to participate.

The Rules

Please review the rules below before deciding to participate. The full Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.

Join a Gaming Guild

Has all this talk of guilds got you tempted to join one, opening up a world of gaming opportunities for you? Below is a handy thread introducing each guild currently in action at Eternal Dragons, plus links to their socials. So scope them out, pick your team, and jump in!

Eternal Dragons Guild Thread
Team Roxy
Serenity Esports (SRN)
House of Genesis — Hamburg (HOG)
Sharp Gaming
Alpine Hunters (ALP)

We can’t wait to see the top players from each guild in action; this will truly be an epic test of skill and determination. Which guild will come out on top? Tune in over the weekend of 29th April to find out. The full tournament will be streamed live on our Twitch Channel; see you there!

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