Eternal Dragons Launches Innovative Player Cards, Enabling Players to Play Together in the Upcoming 15,000 USDC Alpha Tournament

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The Eternal Dragons team is thrilled to announce the launch of Player Cards, an innovative way to play together and transcend in the Eternal Dragons Universe. These personalized cards feature stunningly beautiful designs along with the player stats for the corresponding season — a collectible item with a piece of true player history inscribed. And by trading cards with other players, you can dynamically create teams, forging bonds between players and celebrating victories together as one team.

Player cards let players play together and celebrate victories as one team

We are also proud to share the recent success of the PvP mode in the Alpha version of Eternal Dragons. The engagement and retention achieved have exceeded our wildest expectations, and we are thrilled to see players organizing organically into guilds, some of which are now flying high in the upper echelons of the League. As a team, we are honored to witness the amazing friendships and teamwork that have developed within these guilds.

As we launch Player Cards, we want to acknowledge the importance of the real-world friendships built in those guilds and encourage their development. Friendship is central to a healthy community and fun gameplay, and we are committed to supporting and celebrating it through the Eternal Dragons Universe.

So, how do Player Cards work in detail?
When you register for an Eternal Dragons tournament, you’ll receive 100 Player Cards for free. Player Cards can be traded between team members, and any rewards gained during the tournament are distributed proportionally amongst the Player Cards’ holders.

For example, you may choose to keep half of your player cards and give the other half to another team member — Alice. Any reward you earn during the tournament would then be distributed equally between Alice and yourself.

Player cards also open up opportunities for those yet to experience Eternal Dragons. Anyone holding a tournament ticket (details below) or any player card can access the Alpha version of the game via the Eternal Dragons website.

Now that you have seen Player Cards’ potential let’s talk about their first use — our upcoming Eternal Dragons Alpha Tournament!

The Inaugural Eternal Dragons Alpha Tournament

The landmark tournament will run from March 31st to April 2nd, with specific match times for each round. There are 128 spots in the tournament, with 100 available for purchase and the remaining 28 reserved for Eternal Dragons partners. The entry fee is 5 SOL, with at least 3,000 USDC to first place. Eternal Dragons are contributing 15,000 USDC to the prize pool to celebrate the launch of the first tournament.

Once the tournament ‘locks,’ we will carry out a random draw that puts all participants into a 128-person bracket. It is a single-elimination tournament, with 50% of the field eliminated in each round. Matches will be ‘best of three’ up to the Semi Final stage, with the remaining two Dragoneers playing ‘best of five’ in the Final.

Here’s a breakdown of the current event schedule; note this is subject to change:

The Prizepool
The minimum prize pool is 15,000 USDC, and 70% of the amount collected through ticket sales will be added on top of that. The remaining 30% of funds generated from ticket sales will cover tournament costs, which include minting fees and promotional activities. 28 spots are pre-reserved for Eternal Dragons partners, leaving only 100 tickets available for sale.

Here’s a breakdown of how prizes will be awarded:

Tournament Entry
Tournament tickets are priced at 5 SOL and will be available for purchase from the early part of next week! With only 128 spots available, we’re giving priority access to our most dedicated supporters and competitive players. The following groups will be able to buy tickets earlier:

  • Genesis Dragon holders with 35 or more dragons*
  • Top 25 finishers from the Alpha League: Season 1 Week 1

More information on the exact date and time will be revealed in the upcoming days.

If you haven’t joined the Alpha League yet, there’s still time to climb the ranks and secure your spot in the tournament. So check out the details here, and prepare to bring your A-game!

*the snapshot will be taken Sunday March 19th, 23.59 CET.

The Rules
Please review the rules below before deciding to participate:

  • Only one account is allowed to participate per physical user.
  • Matches are to be started at the scheduled times listed above. If any party is more than 3 minutes late to the match, they will be automatically ruled out as the loser of the match.
  • If a player disconnects, the match will continue and play out to the end.
  • To receive a prize higher than 500 USDC, the individual must identify themselves to the tournament organizer by providing an image of their Passport or National Identity Card and have an Eternal Dragons account.
  • To claim a prize, participants must be at least 18 years of age on the tournament start date.
  • Ownership of any Eternal Dragons item does not guarantee a participant receives a prize.
  • If a player’s handle and/or avatar is deemed inappropriate, the player may be disqualified from the tournament. In addition, their Player Cards will be removed from the official collection at the organizer’s discretion.
  • We reserve the right to exclude a user from participating in the tournament and the distribution of prizes or permanently disable their account and restrict them from accessing our services.
  • We reserve the right to change/correct the results of matches and reschedule a match at our discretion if both users disconnect or the Eternal Dragons platform faces technical difficulties.
  • All participants agree to their matches being streamed in order to participate in the tournament. Some matches will be streamed on our official Twitch channel with delay. If users object to their match being streamed, they will be disqualified.
  • If a player wishes to report a bug, they must record their screen continuously and then report it. Ultimately, however, the team decides whether a match will be replayed. A bug appearance does not necessarily lead to a rematch, especially not if it’s due to player actions (e.g., tab switching).
  • Royalties must be fully paid for any Eternal Dragons items to be valid and to receive their utility.
  • Users must have completed at least one ranked game in the current Eternal Dragons season to be eligible for prizes.
  • Full Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.

So there you have it, the advent of Player Cards and the first-ever Eternal Dragons tournament! Go and join the league if you haven’t already to get your stats tracked, then marvel at seeing your record etched on Player Cards upon tournament entry.

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