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Here at Eternal Dragons we pride ourselves on listening to the community, ensuring our loyal supporters shape the future of the franchise alongside us. One of the most common requests has been for a way to utilize your dragons to gain rewards whilst we await the upcoming games. We are happy to communicate that we will be introducing Dragon Nesting to award committed dragon holders with a very special in-game asset — the Descendant Egg.

The Descendant Egg will allow you to be among the very first users to breed your own descendant dragon. Identify two dragons with a high gene pool value rating, and mix their DNA to produce a truly awesome descendant. Or simply try to extend your team by breeding the right combinations — well before the majority of other players have the ability to do so. The way you go about breeding is up to you, but the first step is always to get hold of that Descendant Egg!

In the early phases of the game, there will be very few eggs introduced. So holding one is a special perk. The population of Descendant Dragons is strictly controlled through our innovative approach to breeding, where there are tight control mechanisms in place for the amount of eggs in circulation.

Here’s a couple of great resources if you’ve not heard about Descendant Dragons or breeding before, or simply want a refresher:

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The Nesting:

As the Eternal Dragons, forever connected to you as it’s now written in the Eternal Book, await and solemnly prepare for the battles to come; they nest.

As they nest, the life essence that is the Eternium imbuing their eternal bodies, always striving for balance, does its bidding and seeps out of the vessels that the dragons’ bodies are.

It takes the shape of eggs, the beginning of life itself.

As this nest of dragons gets stronger in numbers and with more remarkable and unusual dragons joining, the more potent this nesting ceremony becomes. Take a peek into the cave, and behold the mighty bounty produced! If you dare…

In total 500 eggs will be distributed among the nesters. The nesting season will run over 10 weeks, starting from the 10th of August, or until the 500 eggs are all distributed — whichever comes sooner.

Each participant gets a different fragment of an egg every week, depending on how many nesting quests they complete. These fragments compile week over week to make up the final reward of Descendant Eggs after the completion of the full nesting season. Even if a nester were to end their nesting sooner, any and all rewards will only be distributed after the full nesting season is over.

The Nesting Quests
In order to complete a weekly nesting quest, you must hold the required amount of dragons in your wallet. See the rules section below for full details.

The nesting quests are as follows:

The award system is as follows:

Fragments of an egg help users to gather an egg even if they complete only one nesting quest. So 4x0.25 fragments, gathered over a four-week period, lead to an entire egg being rewarded after the complete nesting season has ended.


  • Nesting weeks run from Tuesday 11:00pm CET to the following Tuesday 10:59pm CET.
  • The dragons need to be nested for an entire week to be eligible for a reward.
  • In order to participate in the nesting, you need to open a ticket in our Discord before a new nesting week begins. Enter your wallet address there and say you are participating in the nesting, along with the names of the nesting quests you’re taking part in (i.e. common, uncommon, rare etc).
  • Nesting only works with dragons. An unhatched dragon egg cannot be nested.
  • At the end of nesting season any incomplete fragments do not allow you to receive an egg. For example if you have 1.75 eggs, you’ll receive one egg.
  • No eggs will be given before the end of the entire nesting season.
  • To complete a nesting quest you must have the necessary amount of dragons in your wallet at all times during the nesting week. For example, if you’re attempting to complete the ‘common’ nesting quest, then you must have a minimum of 12 unlisted common dragons in your wallet throughout the nesting week.
  • By participating you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

So there you have it, a huge opportunity to be one of the first to receive a Descendant Egg! Simply:

  • Go to, review your existing dragon collection and identify what you are missing to complete the nesting quests.
  • Head to Magic Eden and pick up your missing dragons.
  • Then let us know in a Discord ticket which nesting quests you’ll be completing this week.

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