Unveiling New Features in Eternal Dragons: Full Genesis Dragons Integration, Nine Classes, and Twelve Affinities in Play!

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It’s time for the next phase of Eternal Dragons as we reveal several enhancements to the game experience for veteran and new players alike. Many of you joined us in Hamburg for Dragoneers 2023 and had a first glimpse of the exciting updates, and we thank every one of you for your attendance. Let’s understand how Eternal Dragons is taking things to the next level…

Game Updates

Our latest game update has various features to improve gameplay, promote accessibility for new users and ensure a balanced and engaging experience for all players. The invaluable feedback from our community has played a pivotal role in shaping the significant updates we have implemented.


We now have three distinct types of units to enrich the gameplay itself. You will now encounter:

  • Genesis Dragons — All Genesis Dragons you own can now appear in your shop!
  • Descendant Dragons
  • Minions

With this expanded roster of units, the game becomes even more dynamic and offers thrilling possibilities for strategic play.

Genesis Dragon Integration

Holders will now feel the full benefit of their ownership, as all Genesis Dragons are now incorporated into the game. Genesis Dragon Holders can now witness them come to life within the game, further cementing their status as esteemed members of the Eternal Dragons community. Genesis Dragons have higher stats than their Descendant counterparts, which in turn have higher stats than Minions, giving the edge to those who own them. All Genesis Dragons you own can now appear in your shop, ready to join the fight and propel you to victory!

In PvP Mode, the unit selection follows a straightforward logic:

- The shop determines whether a unit should be a dragon or a minion, similar to previous versions.
- If the unit is intended to be a dragon, the shop verifies if the Dragoneer possesses the corresponding Genesis Dragon.
- If the Dragoneer owns the equivalent dragon, a formula determines the likelihood of the Genesis Dragon appearing in the shop.

This probability-based approach ensures beneficial outcomes for Genesis Dragon holders while still enabling non-holders to compete.


In the game you know and love, we integrated three dragon classes: Slayer, Warlock, and Tanker. It’s time to kick things up as we now add a further six classes to the fray:

- Mage
- Fighter
- Hunter
- Guardian
- Druid
- Assassin

This comprehensive integration allows for a diverse and balanced gaming experience. Whether you prefer the brute force of Tankers or the mystical prowess of Mages, each class now stands on equal footing, offering a wealth of strategic choices. Immerse yourself in battles where every class and affinity can be encountered, making each match a unique experience.


Not only do all classes now join the game, but we are also adding in the final set of affinities:

- Light
- Dark
- Water

This takes us to the full complement of twelve affinities, providing an array of options for your teams on the battlefield. Each battle will present the Dragoneer with a different set of four affinities. Two affinities will be taken from those of your Genesis Dragons, assuming you have some, with the other two affinities provided at random. If you’re not a Genesis Dragon holder, all four affinities will be provided randomly.

Skills & Roars

We have made efforts to simplify the game and improve the onboarding process to foster a more welcoming environment for new players. Every unit now possesses one main skill and one roar, making the game easy to learn whilst providing you with a wealth of tactical options.

All dragons in a class now have the same skill, reducing the battle complexity. This change complements ‘easy mode’ and a comprehensive tutorial, allowing newcomers to confidently embark on their Eternal Dragons journey. There will be further simplification and improved tutorials on their way soon.

Stay tuned for even more surprises and delights on the horizon. A new Quest Mode Challenge incorporating the new dragon classes is added today, with a leaderboard starting Monday, 10th July, promising to push your skills to the limit and offer fresh adventures for the brave-hearted. If you’re an iOS mobile user, check out this article detailing how to access our Testflight iOS app.

With each new chapter, Eternal Dragons aim to captivate, inspire, and create unforgettable moments for our vibrant community. Now, fellow Dragoneers, armed with newfound abilities and strategies, venture into Eternal Dragons.

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