Trailblazer Games raised $8.2M to develop our Web3-native fantasy universe

Our team at Trailblazer Games is incredibly proud to announce that our seed round has just closed at $8.2M, bringing our total funding up to $8.8M. We’re truly humbled by the faith our investors have put in us, and we’re looking forward to the journey ahead.

With this fresh funding and unwavering support from our backers, we are now more than ready to realise our vision of building a seamless Web3 gaming experience where our community can play and prosper.

We’re pushing ourselves to lead the evolution of games built natively for the blockchain. We’ve charted out an ambitious roadmap for the next few years and have set our investors’ expectations high. While we will be launching several new games in the following years, the most exciting launch of them all is our new IP, a multi-chapter epic about the long-lost Eternal Dragons™.

As a blockchain-based game, Eternal Dragons is a fantasy universe of dragons and magic where anything is possible and our players get to write the game’s history — both inside and outside the world. By extending the NFT-protocol, we’re aiming to generate a deeper connection with you, our players, by letting you actually own a part of the game world.

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Alongside these games, we’re developing a platform that will power a new global economy, where guilds can efficiently access capital, trade assets, and acquire talent in order to compete, grow, and succeed.

Ultimately, we’re pursuing all these projects in light of our mission: to design and build games that fairly distribute value between the community, developers, and investors, creating real-life value through the true ownership of assets and a distributed revenue share.

We’d like to extend our appreciation to our team, who’ve worked hard to make this possible and have provided us with a multitude of diverse perspectives thanks to our fully distributed and remote working style. Together with our founding team — three veteran gaming industry leaders with experience building large-scale and sustainable free-to-play economies — we are united by a shared passion for creating engaging and entertaining gaming experiences.

Thanks to this round of funding we’ve raised with our partners, we can put more investments towards our first franchise and the technology stack needed to deliver a seamless player and blockchain investor experience. We’re now inviting you as our players to become entrepreneurs in a new world full of opportunity — to play and prosper.

Eternal Dragons
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Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons by Trailblazer Games. Play & Prosper with unique Dragon NFTs across multiple games in the ever expanding world of Eternal Dragons.