Mint Announcement — Tankers

The Grumpy Giants

The 8th mint installment is arriving, and this time we are showcasing a defensive class like no other: Tankers!
While many dragon classes are excellent defensive units, none embody the role as well as the Tanker class dragons do. This is reflected in their appearance, attitude and abilities. With an air of annoyed superiority, they revel in taking damage, their battle hardened scales merely tickled by normal hits. Indeed, there is a brooding annoyance about them if ignored by their enemies. Some Dragoneers have noted that they only seem happy while under attack. Extremely protective of their allies, they are master buffers, supplying a variety of buffs to their allies and increasing their efficacy.

Much of their uniqueness is embodied in their Prime Stats: Hit Points and Armor. In fact, they are the only dragon class that does not have any of the “offensive” stats (Elemental Power, Physical Power, Spellcasting) as a Prime Stat. While on the whole this tends to make Tankers inefficient damage dealers and debuffers, experienced Dragoneers are not fooled by their seemingly benevolent nature.

Although their damage is primarily elemental and incidental, clever Dragoneers place their Tanker units in a way so they can accumulate Block in peace. When the frustration of inactivity overcomes the unit, it bears down on a target with a terrible strike fuelled by their unused Block, their only form of physical damage. Gentle giants they are not; grumpy giants a more apt description.

Skill sets: Discipline, Protection.
Work well with: Druids, Guardians.
Advantage against: Slayer.
Vulnerable versus: Warlock.
Prime stats: Hit Points, Armor.


Absolute Unit — Buff
- Significantly raises the Max HP of the unit.
- If the unit was at full health when this was placed, this heals the unit to its new Max HP.

Fatigue — Debuff
- Target’s Offense skills are locked and can not be used.

Superiority — Buff
- Friendly units ignore their Provoke debuffs.
- Enemy units can only target Superior units when they attack.


Shield — Buff
When this unit is next struck, prevent all damage from the strike.

Victimize — Debuff
- Direct Elemental damage taken increased significantly.
- Does not affect Aftershock damage.

Behemoth — Buff
- After this unit is struck it gains Block.
- Block gained is based on the unit’s Armor.

Benevolence — Effect
- Copies all buffs from one unit to another.

Raise Morale — Effect
- Increase the duration of all buffs on a target by 1.

Defensive Stance — Buff
- Significantly increases the unit’s Armor.

Battle Hardened Scales — Buff
- Target does not lose its Block at the start of its turn.
A quick word about Armor and Block:
- The Armor stat is used to generate Block.
-- E.g.: Gain Block equal to 50% of Armor.
- Block negates incoming damage.
- Block is temporary, removed from units when they start their turn.

Bear Down — Effect
- Bear Down deals damage based on the unit’s current Block.
- Doing so consumes the Block.
Left alone for too long, Tankers will convert all their Block into a massive physical hit.

You are hereby free to copy the following line:

*\*declares\** I am **Dragoneer**, and I shall bear down on my enemies!

… into our Discord’s #general_chat channel. Bon appetit!

And that’s it! Take care! ❤

- Mint installment 8/10.
- Dragon class being minted: Tankers.
- Batch size: 1000.
- Price: 2$Sol.
- Begins August 30th. 2022.
- Priority mintong begins at 14:00 CET here.
- Whitelist minting begins at 16:00 CET here.
- Public minting begins at 22:00 CET here.
- Eggs hatch 48 hours after being minted.
- New to minting? How to mint.
- New to Web3? How to stay safe in Web3.
- Share your dragon on the flex-your-dragon channel on our Discord!
- View the dragon rankings page!
- Questions? Join our Discord, or send us a tweet!

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