Key Art Illustration Process

Eternal Dragons
2 min readSep 21, 2022

Many of you have asked on Discord about our incredible art, and how it’s put together. We grabbed our Creative Director Peter to give you the lowdown……

We start with a creative brief, for an illustration of two dragons, showcasing our Light & Dark affinities. The decision is made to place them into the same image for maximum impact, and to visually link them to the Eternium which creates them.

Next, a pose is chosen and a rough color sketch is created to further explore the idea. We’re trying to hint at the Yin and Yang relationship between Light & Dark. Dark elements in Light and Light elements in Dark, all circling a central unifying element.

The poses are refined and adjusted to show more of the dragons, as well as fleshing out the nature of the setting they are in.

We begin to render the illustration looking for ways to use contrast to help improve readability. VFX elements like the lightning and energy sparks are beginning to take shape.

Lastly, we decide to expand the image to give maximum room for the dragons. We complete a final polish pass, paying close attention to the lighting in the scene and making sure all the forms and materials are reading as intended, giving us our finished result!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into the work going on behind the scenes!

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