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3 min readMay 9, 2023

Dear Dragoneers,

We are blown away to announce the upcoming addition of the eighth Affinity to our game. Later this week, as part of a larger release with several exciting new features, we’re introducing the Wind Affinity, which will bring another powerful elemental force to the battlefield. With this new addition, each Affinity will have an equal chance of being selected for battles, providing a fair and balanced gameplay experience.

We checked in with Lead Game Designer Snoogms to understand how the Wind Affinity can be used to your advantage.

Wind Affinity — Snoogms Top Tips

Perform swift executions with the introduction of the Wind Affinity! Disrupt the regular flow of battle by stacking Wind Affinity bonuses, which lower the cooldowns of your units’ skills, and catch your enemy off guard!

Each additional stack of the Wind Affinity will reduce cooldowns even further by lowering both initial and regular cooldowns.

With certain combinations, your units will forgo their main skills altogether and strike your enemies hard and fast with the might of their power skills.

Did you know? Power skills deal more damage, gain more block, and apply more effects than main skills.

Alpha League Season 3 — Week 2

The latest Eternal Dragon PvP League got going on Monday, the 8th of May. You can check out the rewards offered by our regular leagues here.

Following analysis and feedback on the ELO ranking system, we have made a change for week 2 as follows:
- The total number of wins now determines rankings on the leaderboard. For example, first place will go to the player who wins the most battles; simple as that. This will reward both skill and determination over the week!
- The ELO rating will become a more permanent score that should help guilds to evaluate the level of players and enables you to see and track long-term performance.

We look forward to your feedback and will continue to experiment in this Alpha phase to find the best setup. We are also working on a bracketing system that splits the league into skill levels, with ongoing progression for those who ‘level up’ their game.

You have the chance each week to win the keys to dragon breeding, Descendant Eggs & Eternium, plus leagues are great practice for our future PvP tournaments! Head here to join the intense PvP battles!

Eternal Dragons Community Survey 3.0

Thursday saw the launch of our third community survey, and we want to hear from you! The community is at the heart of everything we do, and your feedback is critical to the ongoing development and success of Eternal Dragons. Since the last survey back at the end of January, we’ve delivered on many fronts:

Mobile APK Version 📱
Alpha Tournament ⚔
Guild Tournament 👪
Regular Alpha Leagues 🏁
Additional in-game Affinities 🔮
Player Cards 🪪
Engagement Challenges 🤝
Redesigned Eternal Dragons Website 💻
Numerous Game Patches and Improvements 🎮
Vietnam Office 🇻🇳
EDCon 2023 announced 🇩🇪

Now it’s time we hear from you about how you’re finding the Eternal Dragons journey! Head here to have your say.

It’s an exciting time in the Eternal Dragons world, and there’s so much more to come. Thank you for being part of our community, and stay tuned!

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