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3 min readMay 22, 2023


Dear Dragoneers,

Eternal Dragons updates have been relentless lately, and we have another exciting announcement to make! Introducing the Void Affinity, expanding our in-game affinities to a total of nine. With each affinity appearing in less than 50% of your games, the challenge of devising winning strategies against your opponents continues to grow daily!

Lead Game Designer Snoogms gave us the lowdown on how to use the Void Affinity to your advantage:

Void Affinity — Snoogms Top Tips

The highly-anticipated Void Affinity has finally arrived! With the power of the Void Affinity, you can disrupt your opponents’ carefully crafted strategies and emerge victorious.

The more Void Affinity you have in play, the more you can strip away your opponents’ affinity bonuses. No longer will you have to endure the frustration of facing heavily-defended teams that rely on Ice and Metal Affinities or suffer under the high critical hit rates of Slayers who stack Fire Affinity. With the Void Affinity, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

But that’s not all. By stacking three levels of Void Affinity, you can even banish an enemy unit from the board, putting your opponent at a severe disadvantage.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing ability. Add the Void Affinity to your strategy and unravel your opponent’s team.

Alpha League Season 3 — Week 4

Join the latest Eternal Dragon PvP League starting on May 22nd and discover the exciting rewards available

We are dedicated to ongoing analysis and improvement of our formats, and we are thrilled to unveil our plans for the next phase of the auto-battler journey. After the impactful addition of NFT Integration Lite into the game, we have made some exciting updates. NFT Integration Lite now exclusively exists in PvP Tournaments and PvE mode, offering a unique PvE Quest exclusively for Genesis Dragon Holders in the near future. Please note that in the current PvP League, NFT Integration Lite is disabled. Join us in the battle for Eternium and Descendant Eggs here.

Your feedback during this Alpha phase is greatly appreciated as we continue to experiment and refine the game. Our team is currently developing a bracketing system that will divide the league into different skill levels, allowing for ongoing progression as players level up their game. Additionally, we are exploring alternatives to the current ‘total wins’ ranking system, aiming to create a rewarding system that recognizes both skill and dedication.

Dive into the Void this week, Dragoneers, and stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Eternal Dragons team.

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