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3 min readApr 22, 2023

Dear Dragoneers,

We hope you’ve enjoyed the new ‘Affinity Selector’ feature at the start of each game, delivered last week alongside the Psychic Affinity. It has undoubtedly brought more variety to the PvP battles, and as promised in the announcement article, we’ll be following it up with new content weekly.

We’re excited to announce the addition of the Ice Affinity on April 24th. As outlined in our previous article, we’ll be adding new game content on a super-regular basis now, and adding this chilling Affinity is another step in the journey. This new Affinity brings more strategic possibilities to every game, making it even more exciting to play.

Lead Game Designer Snoogms hails from Iceland and is the perfect guy to give us the lowdown on how the Ice Affinity will change your game.

Ice Affinity — Snoogms Top Tips

The Ice Affinity is all about defense! It helps your team protect itself from the enemy’s attacks and gives you a better chance to counterattack.

When your units gain Block through the Ice Affinity, they are effectively shielding themselves from damage, preserving their health and allowing them to stay in the fight.

As you add more Ice Affinity units to your team, your whole team gains Battle Hardened Scales, which lets you maintain your block from round to round, making your team a nearly impenetrable force on the battlefield!

Tankers can use the Ice Affinity to deal insane early-game damage with the Bear Down ability.

Alpha League Season 2 — Week 4

As announced in Discord here, the opportunities in the regular Eternal Dragons leagues get even bigger from next week. We reward holders with up to a 10x(!) multiplier on their Eternium winnings. With the introduction of the new Ice Affinity, plus the new enhanced multipliers, we expect the competition to heat up even further. The new league gets going on Monday, April 24th. Do you have the icy composure to battle your way to first place?

Head here to join the intense PvP battles in the Eternal Dragons Leagues! Thank you for your continued support, and happy gaming!

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