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3 min readApr 30, 2023

Dear Dragoneers,

It’s time for another brand new Affinity! Monday’s release will take us past the halfway point in the Affinity additions, with the options doubled in just the last two weeks. Last time out, we added ice, so it’s time for a counterbalance with the introduction of fire…

The Fire Affinity will be added to the game on May 2nd, just after a new Alpha League gets started. At the beginning of each game, four of the seven Affinities will be selected for each player, giving you the opportunity to use them as you see fit. Will Fire lead you to a burning hot run of form?

Let’s get a view from Lead Game Designer Snoogms on how the Fire Affinity can be used to your advantage.

Fire Affinity — Snoogms Top Tips

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense!

The Fire affinity helps your team unleash a devastating barrage of critical strikes and overwhelms your opponents with sheer force.

As you stack Fire Affinities, your team gains an increasing amount of critical chance, allowing your units to deal massive damage with each strike. This can be especially useful against opponents with high health pools, allowing you to quickly deal with threats.

And if that wasn’t enough, Fire Affinity can also apply Flurry to your units, giving them the opportunity to sneak in an additional attack and deal even more damage. Flurry can combo differently with different classes, depending on what their skills usually execute first. Flurry repeats the first ability of a skill. If you have a Tanker, their first abilities are usually gaining block, so that is what they will repeat.

With the Fire Affinity, you can burn your enemies to the ground and emerge victorious on the battlefield. When in doubt, kill it with fire!

Alpha League Season 3 — Week 1

This weekend sees not only the first-ever Guilds Tournament but also the culmination of the first Alpha League to feature enhanced Eternium multipliers. In case you missed it, check out the rewards on offer here. A new league gets going on Monday, 1st May, with the addition of the Fire Affinity sure to heat up the competition from day two onwards!

Head here to join the intense PvP battles in the Eternal Dragons Leagues! Thank you for your continued support, and happy gaming!

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