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4 min readJul 22, 2022

What’s new in Eternal Dragons: Ranking!

We’re thrilled to unveil the Eternal Dragons Ranking Page, the at-a-glance way to see the top dragons in our collection, and much more. Every revealed dragon will be added to the list, so as soon as you’ve got a new dragon, go straight here to see how it stacks up! This is your opportunity to flex if you’re already on top, or make offers for the best dragons in existence to build the best possible team.

How to find the Ranking Page

The ranking page is now available in the main menu of the Eternal Dragons website. Just click ‘Ranking’ in the top bar, or go directly to ranking.

What can you do with the Ranking Page?

All dragons are listed in the ranking table by class, affinity, and rarity. . The ranking page also displays information about each dragon’s total rarity, visual rarity, power, and gene rarity scores. You can sort by each of these factors, and once you’ve identified your targets there is a direct link to the market to buy or bid on them.

How can it help you step by step?

Create a great dragon team:

Harmony is the key to creating the best teams. You can easily find the best combinations for your team using the rankings. For example when you already have a Wind Fighter, you may want to find a good Wind Mage to support it, with the powerful Wind affinity synergy you get when combining two units of the same affinity on the board. You can easily filter and sort to find the Wind Mage with the highest Power ranking and place a bid!

1. Select the three dots-icon at the top of the Class-column.

2. Type “Mage” in the filter.

3. Sort by Affinity by using the arrow-icon — and voila! You have a handy list of all possible team reinforcements.

Buy the most powerful dragons:

Some people just want to have the best and most valuable dragon in its category for power, visual rarity or gene rarity. They may even want the best ‘all rounder’, which can be identified using the Total Rarity Score. The ranking allows you to sort easily by the stat you care the most about, and even to make an offer for your favorite dragons directly on the secondary market.

  1. Type “Legendary” in the filter.

2. Sort by Visual Rarity by using the arrow-icon — and voila! You have a handy list of all possible team reinforcements.

Learn more about the greatest of dragons:

You can easily view the details of all dragons by filtering by rarity, class, or affinity to satiate your curiosity in ​the rarest of creatures.

For example, if you are you curious about the new Legendary Mages, you can check them out through these simple steps:

Filter on Rarity — ‘Legendary’

Sort by classes.

Click on the name of a dragon you can go through the details page of the dragon; thus, you can learn more about it!

How to find the best dragons for breeding:

Can’t wait for the breeding game? Want to get the best deals before the rush when the breeding game releases? Then make sure to snatch a dragon of each affinity with the highest possible Gene Rarity!

Connect to the market directly:

You can even access any Dragon on Magic Eden with one click, and either purchase it directly if it’s listed, or place a bid if it’s not up for sale.

Start to assemble your personal dragon team now here!

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