Introducing PvE Quest Two and Daily Leaderboards

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3 min readMay 26, 2023


Dear Dragoneers,

We feel it’s time for new challenges as we gear up for our community event in Hamburg in just over a month! So let’s get you filled in on a new PvE Quest and an exciting daily leaderboard structure as we continue experimenting and growing throughout the Alpha period.

PvE Quest Mode Challenge Two — ‘Dust Storm’

It’s time for the second quest! We will now provide a new quest each week, giving you a fresh challenge every seven days. Quest Mode will be updated with a new set of class and affinity combinations each time. Whatever the conditions, it’ll be up to you to progress as far into Quest Mode as possible! For the second quest, which starts Friday, the 26th of May, at 12pm CEST, you’ll find the following conditions in play for your PvE opponents:

- Tankers and Slayers only.
- Wind and Earth Affinities only.
- Opponent hit points increased from 600 to 750.

Who can successfully ride out the dust storm and slay their way to victory? We will find out over the next week, with the quest finishing at 10am CEST on Friday, the 2nd of June. There’s 100 prizes to go after, with 3 Descendant Eggs and 30k in Eternium on offer. So head here to check out the quest area, and let battle commence:

Daily Alpha Leaderboards

The weekly leagues have been great entertainment and rewarding for many Dragoneers. While in Alpha, we have been experimenting with different formats, payout structures, and ranking systems, and now it’s time for another seismic shift in the PvP world.

For the next two weeks, we will be introducing daily leaderboards! This is your chance to shine daily. Need a day away? No problem, there’s another leaderboard starting tomorrow. Want to rack up leaderboard wins and prove your Dragoneer dominance? Now’s your chance! You’ll be able to check out the new structure from Monday, but here’s a snapshot of the daily prizes on offer:

We are constantly monitoring your feedback, which is always greatly appreciated, and we will continue to do so while we experiment with this daily setup. The new daily leaderboards will be run for two weeks, at this point, we’ll review feedback and consider the next steps, which may include a return to weekly competition. In addition, an enhanced leaderboard ranking system is just days away, which will be incorporated into the daily leaderboards; more details are coming very soon! This new system will reward a balance between determination and skill; every round in every battle will matter more!

Have fun in the daily leaderboards and take on the new quest, Dragoneers; then, we’ll see you in Hamburg!

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