Introducing $Eternium — The Utility Token of the Eternal Dragons Universe

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2 min readApr 29, 2022


We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Eternium utility token: one of the most essential parts of the Eternal Dragons ecosystem and game economy.

Eternium is the driver of value creation in the Eternal Dragons Universe

Eternium is the core resource that powers the Eternal Dragons universe. It comes in many different forms and physical states, and has applications for almost anything in the game. Being a variable supply token, it can be used to balance the game economy and is necessary for most of the value creation happening in the universe, such as breeding and upgrading Dragons.

Main Functions of Eterniun

Alongside many more uses that will unfold in the upcoming chapters, Eternium can currently be used for:

  • Breeding Dragons
  • Leveling up your Dragons
  • Healing units
  • Entry fees for competitions

Even more use cases are already being developed, though. So stay tuned.

Eternium — the essence of Time in its purest form, the magical element imbuing and flowing through everything, that allows magicians to manipulate Time and gives Dragons their raw power and life force. The bedrock of the Eternal Dragons universe, of the Eternal Dragons themselves.

How to Acquire Eternium?

Players will earn Eternium as rewards for completing game actions (such as playing PvE, winning PvP matches, etc.), and as prizes for extraordinary achievements. You can already start earning Eternium by completing quests on the Eternal Dragons webpage.

Additionally, Eternium can be traded freely on compatible trading platforms, which we’ll announce soon. For now, we’ll soon be distributing the first batch of Eternium to our early supporters. Follow us on Discord & Twitter for more details.

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