Evolving Dynamics: Unveiling Eternal Dragons’ New Enhancements

Eternal Dragons
3 min readAug 22, 2023


Greetings, Esteemed Dragoneers! 🐉

Eternal Dragons is bringing forth a new wave of updates that aim to enhance the gameplay experience, the biggest of which is the proof-of-concept version of a progressive PvE mode. These modifications contribute to a more engaging and immersive environment for players, with a true sense of progression and reward. Let’s take a closer look at these upgrades:

Embarking on the Eternal Dragons Saga
Amidst the enchanting tale of the Eternal Dragons realm, multiple chapters emerge — the illustrious Eternal Dragons Saga mode. This narrative is woven with strands of bravery, challenge, and revelation. With the dawn of unexplored domains, Dragoneers set off on a path adorned with delicately crafted chapters, each a mosaic of trials and victories. Eternium, the vital force binding our realm, courses forth as a reward, a tribute to those who dare to tread the uncharted path. Guided by age-old whispers, you shall ascend, heading into the core of the saga’s essence. And there, at the zenith, an ultimate confrontation lies in wait, a trial echoing the grand duels of ancient myths. As the saga continues, champions shall inscribe their names into the pages of time, their valor enshrined for eternity in the volumes of the Eternal Dragons Saga.

Prepare to venture on an intriguing PvE journey — the Eternal Dragons Saga. The current version is in its infancy, a proof of concept that will be iterated and improved over the coming weeks and months. Players will traverse a path marked by chapters, each composed of stages. In the future, as you advance, Eternium rewards accumulate, culminating in a challenging showdown akin to traditional end-boss battles. These rewards are not included in this initial proof-of-concept version but will be added soon. This saga adds a dimension of progression and achievement, promising a captivating journey through the expansive Eternal Dragons universe.

In the current version of the game, Easy and Hard game modes have been removed as we introduce an initial version of Saga. Any new players will initially be able to play Saga and Challenge modes, with PvP unlocking once Challenge mode has been attempted.

Roar Variability: Directions Unchained
Get ready for a new tactical element as random roar directions are introduced. Units will now display their power in different directions, injecting battles with diverse strategies and unexpected dynamics. This inclusion broadens the scope of combat, encouraging innovative tactics and flexibility.

Refined Choices: Solo Unit Locking
Embrace a more personalized strategy with individual unit locking. Say goodbye to locking entire shops; now, you can selectively secure your preferred units while leaving room for potential upgrades in other slots. This nuanced approach enhances decision-making and adds dynamism to the gameplay experience.

Precision and Autonomy: Automated Placement
Experience a streamlined gameplay enhancement as unit placement becomes more intuitive. Upon acquiring units, they will automatically find their positions on your board. This feature ensures even beginners have their units placed coherently, giving them a firm base to learn in-game strategy. This automated system will function only when sufficient board space is available, providing strategic flexibility and convenience for planning your moves.

A New Frontier Awaits
These updates mark a new phase in the Eternal Dragons experience. Emphasizing strategic depth, accessibility, and a touch of unpredictability to add greater mass appeal, we encourage you to delve into this fresh perspective. Your feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping these enhancements as they develop.

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