Eternal Dragons Unveil Exciting New Features: Guild Leaderboards, Enhanced PvP Ranks, & PvE Challenge Three — ‘Into the Void’

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4 min readJun 1, 2023

Dear Valiant Dragoneers,

We are thrilled to bring you the latest updates from the enchanting realm of Eternal Dragons. With our second community event rapidly approaching, our dedicated team is tirelessly working to ensure an unforgettable experience until the grand Hamburg extravaganza. Today, we are delighted to unveil three captivating features: Guild Leaderboards, an enhanced PvP Ranking system, and the much-anticipated third quest in the PvE Challenge series!

Introducing Daily Guild Leaderboards

Guilds lie at the core of our Eternal Dragons community, and it’s high time they receive the recognition they deserve! We are excited to introduce the Guilds section to the website, serving as the epicenter for all guild-related glory. Prepare for exhilarating competition as guild members unite and rise through the ranks on the newly launched guild leaderboards. This exciting addition unlocks boundless possibilities for fierce battles across various auto-battler game modes. Explore the current offerings and brace yourself for daily refreshes of the Guild leagues, ensuring that each day presents new opportunities to claim glorious prizes. We assure you that your Dragoneer achievements will contribute to solo and guild leaderboards, guaranteeing your place among the elite warriors.

PvP Rankings Overhaul — Introducing Trophy Score

We are thrilled to announce a transformative evolution of our PvP Leaderboards, set to launch on Friday, the 2nd of June. Brace yourselves, Dragoneers, for the arrival of an enhanced ranking system that will revolutionize your competitive journey. In this reimagined landscape, victory will be measured by the accumulation of trophies, with the esteemed title of leaderboard topper awarded to the most triumphant warrior! Our introduction of trophies as a fundamental component ensures a stable foundation for PvP rankings while allowing us the flexibility to fine-tune scoring and formats as needed.

The acquisition of trophies will be influenced by a multitude of factors, including:

  • Player Skill Level: Triumph over formidable adversaries to claim higher rewards. The mightier the opponent you vanquish, the greater your trophy haul.
  • Battle Dominance: The degree of dominance exhibited during each encounter will significantly impact your trophy earnings. This essential addition discourages opponents from prematurely exiting matches, fostering fairness and unveiling strategic possibilities.
  • Engagement: While victories continue to garner recognition, losses also play a smaller but pivotal role. This balanced approach ensures that the pursuit of excellence extends beyond mere win volume, transforming the grind into a valuable asset rather than the sole determinant of success.

Season 4, Day 5 will commence with the current leaderboard ‘wins’ system but will be recalculated once the trophy score format is deployed. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey where trophies symbolize true greatness. Sharpen your claws, refine your strategies, and prepare to ascend the PvP Leaderboards with unparalleled distinction!

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey where trophies symbolize true greatness. Sharpen your claws, refine your strategies, and prepare to ascend the PvP Leaderboards with unparalleled distinction!

PvE Quest Challenge Three — ‘Into the Void’

Emerging from the swirling dust storm that accompanied our second PvE Challenge, we now beckon you to venture into the depths of shadow and mystery. Prepare to embark on the spine-chilling journey of ‘Into the Void,’ courageous Dragoneers!

For our third PvE Quest, your adversaries will employ the powers of all Dragon Classes; each imbued with the enigmatic Void Affinity, accompanied by an additional arcane force. Do you possess the strength and skill to vanquish your way into the esteemed ranks of the top 50 warriors and claim your well-deserved rewards? The epic showdown commences on Friday, the 2nd of June, at 12pm CEST, and shall persist until 10am CEST on Friday, the 9th of June. With three Descendant Eggs and a staggering 30k Eternium up for grabs, the battlefield of PvE awaits your valorous presence. Arm yourself and charge forth, ready to conquer the competition!

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