Eternal Dragons Unleashes Exciting Game Updates

Eternal Dragons
3 min readSep 8, 2023

Greetings, Valiant Dragoneers! 🐉

Eternal Dragons is proud to announce our latest updates that promise to elevate your gaming experience. Get ready to dive into these fresh enhancements, which are set to bring an added layer of excitement to the Eternal Dragons universe.

Unit Attack Animations 🔥
Prepare for an immersive and visually captivating experience as your Dragons and Minions produce devastating attack maneuvers! They’ll gracefully traverse the board to engage their adversaries, adding fluidity and a heightened level of excitement to every battle. Not only does this change provide more excitement, but it also allows players to gain a better understanding of each unit’s impact during the battle.

PvP Room Creation Made Easy 🎮
We’ve resolved the issue with copying PvP room codes; no more typing them in manually! Now, you can effortlessly connect with your intended opponents and jump straight into the action without any hassles. Create a room, copy and share the code, and slay your opponent!

PvP AI Opponent 🤖
Finding PvP opponents at all hours can be challenging, especially when time zones differ. That’s why we’re introducing our AI opponent! This clever adversary adapts to your moves and offers a worthwhile challenge for Dragoneers of all skill levels. As you face off against this AI opponent, it will self-learn over time, growing even more formidable with each encounter. Can you defeat this ever-evolving challenger?

Class Stacking ⚔️
Strategic depth takes center stage with the introduction of class stacking as a replacement for skills. Now, when you place 2, 4, or even 6 units of the same class onto the board, you’ll receive powerful boosts to enhance your battle prowess. Class Stacking also makes it simpler to understand the attacks and counter-attacks in each game. Dive into battle with units that share affinities and classes, and explore the intricate dynamics of class matching and affinity synergy.

Enhanced NFT Integration🐉
Our commitment to NFT integration continues to evolve; the feedback we receive on this topic is always valuable and helps shape each enhancement. Mix and match all four classes and affinities selected for your battle, creating a smorgasbord of strategic possibilities. Two of the four classes and affinities chosen for battle will always match your NFT holdings (assuming you have some!). Experiment with unique combinations and uncover the best strategies with this dynamic setup!

Dynamic Aspect Ratio Handling 📐
We’re making your gameplay clearer and smoother than ever before with our dynamic aspect ratio handling system. Enjoy an enhanced visual experience that ensures you never miss a beat in the heat of battle. Your journey through the Eternal Dragons universe will be more seamless and enjoyable than ever!

These updates provide more immersive battles, enhanced strategies, and a dynamic gaming experience like never before. There are many more visual and navigational improvements delivered with this update, all of which you can read about here on the Eternal Dragons Wiki. We invite you to explore these new features and share your feedback as we refine and expand the world of Eternal Dragons.

Get ready for an epic adventure, Dragoneers. The realm of Eternal Dragons awaits!

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