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Eternal Dragons
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As we often get asked about what makes Eternal Dragons special, we decided to share the summary below with our perspective on the matter.

The founders have between 10–15 years of experience each, building and growing beloved game franchises including Candy Crush Saga and The Sims, at companies like King, EA and Microsoft. They have worked closely together in the past, and quickly decided to jump into the opportunity of shaping what they believe will be the biggest transformation in the history of gaming. Check out the profiles of Alex (CEO), Andreas (CPO) and Bertrand (CTO) in more detail.

The team announced in March its $8.2m Seed raise, led by elite investors Makers Fund, Play Ventures and Fabric Ventures, and renowned angels. Together, this syndicate supercharges Eternal Dragons not only with capital but with unique gaming and Web3 knowledge, network and support.

A rapidly growing team spanning 10 nationalities working across 6 countries in Europe, brings strong gaming experience and perspectives from companies of the likes of King, Wooga, Snowprint and Sorare. We continue to aggressively hire the talent that will help us accelerate the delivery of our ambitious vision.

Eternal Dragons aims to lead the biggest evolutionary step in gaming, that will bring together a broad community of players and investors through shared ownership and value creation. Mobile free-to-play experiences, super-powered by blockchain.

Eternal Dragons is a gaming franchise, initially consisting of 3 games: an auto-chess battler, a city building game and a 4X game. The Eternal Dragons NFTs will be used and shared across all the games in the franchise.

The rarer the dragon, the more powerful in battle. The more special the genes, the more demand for breeding. Breeding and renting dragons are continuous and growing sources of income for dragon owners, even if they don’t play the game.

The same dragon used in battle for the auto-chess battler, will be part of an army in the 4X game. That means more game utility and more value for dragon owners as our franchise develops. New classes of NFTs including land and buildings are planned for the latter games.

We selected this approach, since it will allow us to learn and iterate from a more scoped game into a deeper and more engaging world. We will increasingly unlock more blockchain-enabled value on every game, from marketplaces to DeFi to Guilds. All the while delivering a smooth experience that hides the complexity of blockchain, but enables its value in game.

Players will have fun. Competitive players will find exciting challenges. Entrepreneurs will start virtual companies, raise funding and hire successful players. Esports will get even more exciting for players, streamers and audiences, with even more at stake. Token investors will get growing and sustainable value as the economy develops. Breeders will enable players to succeed whilst getting rewarded.

Sustainable Economy
The economy is designed to be sustainable by allowing the game to control in real time powerful economy levers to keep it healthy. This includes dynamically controlling the flow of new dragons and Eternium (the utility token of the Eternal Dragons universe) into the economy, whilst a deep F2P economy and fusion systems will drive the consumption of these assets, driven by fun.

An example of the above is our novel breeding mechanic, which allows the game to control the dragon population growth to meet the demand, without restricting the breeding ability of dragons. All a player needs is to find an egg in the game, and pay Eternium to the chosen parents.

Iterative Execution
The Eternal Dragons team aims to learn faster than anyone else in this space, and that is done by iterating fast, launching scoped experiences, and incorporating the learnings quickly in the next version. There is too much to learn in this space, and feedback is crucial to iterate, adapt and innovate. Our approach of having a 10 batch NFT sale process is an example of that.

Eternal Dragons — Genesis NFTs

Value for Owners
You can read a detailed benefits article here, that provides all the info on how value is derived in Eternal Dragons. In short these are some, but certainly not all, of the benefits we’ll provide to NFT holders:

  • Breeding revenue with no cap
  • Passively get Eternium from descendants
  • Unique appearances
  • Increased in-game power and invaluable DNA
  • Dragon renting
  • Item airdrops
  • Token airdrops
  • NFT and $EDQ pre-sale access
  • Chapter 1 early access
  • Exclusive IRL and virtual events
  • Alpha discord channel
  • ‘Holder-only’ and discounted merch

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Eternal Dragons
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