Eternal Dragons Release Note — 30.12.2022

Eternal Dragons
2 min readDec 30, 2022


Dear Dragoneers, with the Alpha 0.1 being live since the 21st of December, we aim to update you continuously with a Release Note. This shall ensure, that you, our community is constantly informed about the latest development in terms of features, updates and fixes.


  • Local leaderboard, invite friends to compete in your leaderboard.
  • Improved wallet linking, now you can link wallets directly on your profile page or while in the alpha game flow.


  • Link Wallet button in profile.
  • The leaderboard displays the user’s current ranking and highlights it.
  • The game is now playable at 10x speed.
  • Now wallet linking is automatic. Connecting a wallet to the website leads to automatic linking.


  • The profile page scrollbar is now clickable.
  • The gallery button is working again after a successful egg minting.
  • Now you can access the game only if you have a wallet linked with at least one genesis dragon.
  • Fixed infinite loading page in the game (Should now happen much more rarely, let us know, if it happens again).
  • Typos in game have been fixed.
  • Shop level-up bug fixed.
  • Waterfall disappear fixed.

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