Eternal Dragons Release Note — 26.01.2023

Eternal Dragons
2 min readJan 26, 2023

Dear Dragoneers, here’s the second release note as we continue to enhance your Eternal Dragons experience. With the PvP (Player vs. Player) release of our auto-battler right around the corner, we continue to deliver iterative improvements that ensure your time on the battlefield is fun, engaging and smooth!

Without getting too technical on you, Dragoneers, this release focuses on refactoring. This is the process of refining code, the language our universe is built upon, to ensure the website performance remains smooth and bug-free.

The routing refactor brings new performances and a stronger and unique website appeal. In addition, a lot of small UI/UX refactoring comes with this release, with performance and layout improvements. This is the first release of many in 2023, focusing on creating the best user experience and mobile responsiveness.

We also deliver with this release:

  • Overall improved appeal
  • New parallax backgrounds
  • Improved feedback to the user
  • New Alerts
  • New Popups
  • Overall styling alignment
  • New Buttons

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Eternal Dragons



Eternal Dragons

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