Eternal Dragons launches Alpha 0.1 New Year’s Tournament

Now that Christmas has come and gone, many of you have much more free time on your hands. We figured this was a great opportunity to let everyone fight it out once again! The competition will be even tougher as many didn’t have as much time to compete, and those that did have started perfecting their strategies!

Starting on the 30th of December, the community can once again play Quest Mode, perfect their strategies, and compete for prizes! The scores will be visible in the newly reset Leaderboard, and we’re sure to see some new players reach the top!

In Dungeons and Hard Mode, your opponents pick a strategy and stick with it, while in Quest Mode your opponents evolve theirs continuously. Experienced Dragoneers will know that isn’t the only surprise in store!

The Quest Mode has three different AIs, each with twice as many teams as were faced in Dungeons and Hard Mode! The further you progress, the harder it gets. Only True Dragoneers have what it takes to compete!

The Prizes

After the resounding success of our Christmas Tournament, we wanted to make sure that players had just as much reason to prove themselves in the second tournament, so we’re offering the same amazing prizes!

The top three players will win one of the highly sought after Genesis Eggs, and players in 4–10th place will win a Descendant Egg used in our upcoming breeding game. For the player securing rank #1, the Genesis Egg will be of Light or Dark affinity!

The Format

The tournament will run for 5 days. It starts on Friday, the 30th of December at 08:00 GMT and ends on Wednesday, the 4th of January at 08:00 GMT.

The Leaderboard

The rankings will work as follows. The winners will be determined by the highest amount of Damage Inflicted. The second most important factor is the Rounds that are required to deal that amount of damage. If there is still a tie, then whoever did the most damage in the fewest amount of rounds while having the highest remaining player health will be declared the winner. The participants can play as often as they want within the timeframe of the tournament and their best score will be recorded. The leaderboard will update itself regularly, so you can always check where you stand in comparison to the other community members. You can access the leaderboard here.

Tournament Rules

To be eligible to participate in the tournament you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Your account must have at least one wallet connected in the profile section, before the tournament ends.
  • Combined, the wallets connected to your account should have at least one Genesis Dragon in them, at all times, from your first game in the tournament until the end of the tournament.
  • If your account doesn’t have a profile picture set, you are not eligible to receive a prize.
  • If your account doesn’t adhere to the above rules, it will be considered ineligible to participate and your username in the leaderboards will be marked with a star “ * “ to notify you.
  • We will confirm eligibility before giving out the prizes based on blockchain data and battle logs.

A final note: The game is still in its Alpha release! Make sure to visit our discord to submit any feedback about your experience and to log any bugs found to ensure the constant improvement of the game. Let’s go Dragoneers!


Q: Who can participate in the tournament?
A: All Genesis Holders can participate for free.

Q: When is the second tournament exactly?
A: The second tournament will run from the 30th of December at 09:00 CET until the 4th of January at 08:59 CET.

Q: How do I participate in the tournament?
A: Visit the Eternal Dragons website and create an account to play! Remember that you must play your matches in the timeframe in which the tournament is running.

Q: How will the prizes be distributed?
A: Prizes will be paid out within 5 working days.

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Eternal Dragons by Trailblazer Games. Play & Prosper with unique Dragon NFTs across multiple games in the ever expanding world of Eternal Dragons.

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Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons by Trailblazer Games. Play & Prosper with unique Dragon NFTs across multiple games in the ever expanding world of Eternal Dragons.