Eternal Dragons Introduce Testflight iOS App: Embracing Mobile-First Gaming

Eternal Dragons
2 min readJul 5, 2023

Eternal Dragons is excited to announce the availability of the Testflight iOS App. As part of our commitment to delivering mobile-first gaming, we have expanded our offerings to cater to Apple users. This new release complements our recent Android app launch, which the community has very positively received. With the test iOS app now accessible through Testflight, we invite our dedicated community to explore and provide valuable feedback.

Accessing the Test iOS App

To access the test iOS app, download the Testflight app onto your Apple device. The Eternal Dragons Testflight link can be found in our Discord announcements.

Providing Feedback

Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to create an exceptional gaming experience. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, we have set up a dedicated channel on Discord here. Your input will directly contribute to refining the app, ensuring fun and smooth gameplay for all players.

Mobile-First Gaming Focus

With the test iOS app’s launch, Eternal Dragons further solidify its commitment to mobile-first gaming. We recognize the increasing popularity of gaming on the go and aim to provide our players with a smooth, immersive experience across different platforms. Whether you prefer Android or iOS devices, we aim to deliver seamless gameplay, rich features, and an engaging community.

Join the conversation on Discord, explore the app on Testflight, and provide your valuable feedback to help us shape the future of Eternal Dragons. Together, let’s redefine the possibilities of gaming.

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