Eternal Dragons Announces PvP Release: Get Ready to Battle!

Eternal Dragons
3 min readFeb 28, 2023

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for — PvP (Player vs. Player) mode is here! We are releasing the new game mode today, the 28th of February, a massive step in the evolution of the Eternal Dragons auto-battler. Dragoneers can now take on friends and enemies in our Dynamic 3D battle arenas.

Eternal Dragons Announces PvP Release

The new ‘Arena Mode’ will be accessed through the Eternal Dragons Hub World. There are three different routes you can take into battle:

  • Use the ‘Play a Random Opponent’ feature to take on the next available player. If no one is in the queue to play, your game will start when a Dragoneer joins.
  • Create a room code, share it with another player, and wait for them to join.
  • Receive a room code from another Dragoneer, paste it in and hit the ‘Join’ button.

Then, you battle! It will be fascinating to see how strategies change and develop as our community gets used to playing against real opponents.

We’d love to see your epic battles, so remember to share them on social media using the hashtag #EternalDragonsPvP. We’ll be sharing the best moments on our Twitter account, so tag us for a chance to be featured and show off your skills to the community.

Several exciting innovations are due to launch shortly after the introduction of PvP, the first being a regular league format where you can battle other Dragoneers to reach that all-important number-one spot! Could you be the first to win an Eternal Dragons League? Just imagine the glory and the bragging rights!

Introducing PvP Leagues
In this format, Dragoneers will battle in an ELO-style ranking system weekly to see who is number one! The first league begins on the 1st of March; here are some more details on how they will work:

Introducing PvP Alpha Leagues

The Format
Initially, we will have a couple of test leagues, which run over a short duration. These leagues will help us to iron out any issues and get players used to the concept before the real battles begin. The first test league will run between the 1st and the 7th of March. There will be no prizes in this initial league, but be assured they are coming in subsequent versions! The ELO-style ranking system determines the points for a win.

Once the test leagues are completed, a massive knockout tournament will kick off the PvP era in style! We recommend getting your practice in now, as the prizes to come will undoubtedly be worth going after. There will be more information released on this exciting knockout tournament soon.

The Fine Print
As these are the first PvP leagues, we may experience issues, in which case the team will make appropriate decisions and communicate them to all participants. We reserve the right to decide league outcomes, and our verdict is final.

Let The Battles Commence!
So there you have it. PvP is here, and there will be plenty to battle for over the coming weeks and months. There are more innovations and exciting formats also on their way, so keep your eyes on Eternal Dragons. Let’s battle!

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