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3 min readMay 24, 2023


Trailblazer Games is proud to formally announce the second Eternal Dragons Convention! We can’t wait to meet up with the community in Hamburg on the 1st of July. Having carried out a survey earlier this month, we’re overjoyed with the number of Dragoneers looking to come and join us in Hamburg; it will be a fantastic event. Please remember that all details shared here are provisional and may be subject to minor changes. Without further ado, let’s get you ready!

What to Expect!
The first Eternal Dragons event in 2022 was a massive success, where community members and the team came together to kickstart our journey. We now meet again, but this time with a game to play! We look forward to welcoming old and new community members for an even more exciting event, with face-to-face battles and the first-ever live tournament! The event will also showcase our latest developments and plans for the months ahead, so expect an agenda dripping with new information on the Eternal Dragons journey.

The event will occur in Hamburg on Saturday, the 1st of July. We intend to have Eternal Dragons merch available to pre-order, so you’ll have the option of Eternal Dragons apparel waiting for you on arrival at the venue! Keep an eye on Discord announcements in the coming days for more details.

We will get underway around 4pm CEST; here’s a breakdown of the provisional timings:

16:00 — Welcome Drinks 🍹
17:00–18:30 — Eternal Dragons Roadshow 🗣️
18:30–20:00 — Food and Socializing 🍲
20:00–21:30 — Tournament Finale ⚔️
21:30–01:00 — Dance & Drinks 💃

Keen to get your travel plans started? The venue will be in Hamburg’s HafenCity quarter:
Exporo AG
Am Sandtorkai 70
D-20457 Hamburg

Some of you may want to ‘buddy up’ to share apartments or hotel rooms in the city, adding to the fun and making EDCon a more affordable trip.

How to Register
If you’re attending, please complete our registration form. Everyone must complete the form; the previous version was used only to establish numbers:

The First Ever Live tournament, Live Challenges, and much more!
We are currently working on the details for the tournament, which will be communicated very soon. Rest assured; it’ll be an exciting event with some delicious prizes! There’s plenty of time to practice through our regular leagues before you make your live debut. We will also provide you the opportunity to play live challenges against each other and even take on some of our team members Think you can smoke Snoogms or slay Spicer? Now’s your chance!

So there you have it, Dragoneers, head to Hamburg for one dragontastic event! The average temperature in July is a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius, so make sure your dragon costumes aren’t too bulky! We can’t wait to reconnect with old faces and welcome many new ones! See you there….

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