Dragon Nesting Updates — a New Challenge!

It’s been a few weeks now since we introduced the last update to Dragon Nesting, and it’s been great seeing so many of you claiming your weekly Eternium rewards. Now it’s time to introduce the next Nesting challenge as we continue to iterate on and optimize the Eternal Dragons experience.

From Wednesday 28th September we’ll be updating the way you nest your dragons, and the way in which you can hit the reward multiplier. Here’s how it’ll work:

2. If you see the ‘Verify Twitter’ button, select it. You will then link your Twitter account to the site, and will connect it to your wallet. If you don’t see the ‘Verify Twitter’ button you’ve already completed this step through previous quests.

3. Each Wednesday we will post a tweet from the Eternal Dragons account that includes an #EternalDragonsNesting hashtag. This can be accessed via Twitter directly, or by selecting the ‘Go to Tweet’ button in the gallery.

4. You’ll need to retweet, quote retweet or comment on that tweet, which will register you for nesting. You must do this before the following Tuesday, 23:59pm CEST to qualify.

Just follow those four steps to nest your dragons for Eternium rewards. As before, the base rewards per dragon depend on the rarity of your nested dragons.

Want to hit the multiplier and increase your Eternium rewards? Here’s how that will work:

1) You’ll need new followers of Eternal Dragons to like your quote retweet or comment.

2) The more likes from new Eternal Dragons followers you get, the higher the rewards:

Here are the general rules for nesting:

So take on this new challenge to help spread awareness of this amazing project, for the long-term benefit of the whole ecosystem and every Eternal Dragons holder.

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