Descendant Eggs are here!

Descendant Egg

Eternal Dragons are proud to have delivered the first Descendant Eggs. This is a big step in our journey towards dragon breeding, more details on which we will publish very soon. Breeding will bring new rewards to our loyal Genesis Dragon holders, Eternium and Descendant Eggs gained through nesting being the first step.

All Dragoneers who have earnt Descendant Eggs through nesting or competitions can now mint via the Eternal Dragons site . Wallets are pre-loaded with the correct amount of mint privileges, and there is no deadline to mint.

Descendant Eggs sit as their own collection on . Any Dragoneers looking to pick up more Descendant Eggs are able to buy in the secondary marketplace. We will also continue to run competitions and live streams with Descendant Eggs up for grabs; our is the best way to keep up with the opportunities.

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