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3 min readJun 14, 2023

The Eternal Dragons team is proud to announce the launch of our Dragoneers 2023 Tournament, which will conclude in a Hamburg live final! Building on the tremendous success of previous tournaments and EDCon Berlin, we now combine these two concepts into one exciting PvP event. We want a tournament that centers around the fun of Dragoneers 2023 but also has elements that allow the remainder of the Eternal Dragons community to get involved; here’s how it’ll work….

The Format

There are eight $125 seats in the tournament, with only those attending Dragoneers 2023 in Hamburg eligible to participate. Each Gaming Guild can claim up to two seats for the tournament. Any remaining seats will soon be made available to purchase; keep an eye on Discord for details. The tournament’s group stages occur on Saturday, 24th June, with the first matches starting at 5:00 pm CEST. The semi-finals follow on Sunday, 25th June, with the final live in Hamburg on the 1st of July.

Once the tournament ‘locks,’ we will carry out a random draw that puts the participants into an 8-person bracket with two groups of four. In the group stage, each Dragoneer will play their groupmates once, with the top two finishers going to the semi-finals. Matches will be ‘best of three’ in the group stage, then ‘best of five’ for the semis and final, providing plenty of scope for the participants to show off their PvP skills!

Guilds will be contacted by our partnerships manager Irakli. Each guild has two reserved seats, with any remaining available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Here’s a breakdown of the current event schedule; note this is subject to change:

The Prizepool

The minimum prize pool is 1,000 USDC, which may increase through special events in Hamburg!

Here’s a breakdown of how prizes will be awarded:

The Rules

Please review the rules below before deciding to participate. The full Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.

We can’t wait to see eight of our top players in action; this will be an epic test of skill and determination. The live final in Hamburg will be a momentous moment in the Eternal Dragons journey and will be streamed live on our Twitch Channel. Whether you’ll be playing in the tournament, watching the final live in Hamburg, or simply enjoying a piece of the action remotely, there’ll be plenty of fun for everyone!

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