Announcing Eternal Dragons

Play & Prosper in A New Era in Gaming

Are you ready to enter the next era of gaming? Eternal Dragons™ is here, and with the power of blockchain, players can experience a fantasy world like never before.

In this world of dragons, anything is possible and players will write history together.

The four currently planned chapters in this epic are:

  • Eternal Dragons™- Prologue: Genesis
  • Eternal Dragons™- Chapter 1: Strife
  • Eternal Dragons™- Chapter 2: House of Dragons
  • Eternal Dragons™- Chapter 3: War of Kings

Eternal Dragons™ is the novel IP created by Trailblazer Games, to tell the story of the Eternal Dragons™ franchise, and to power the creation of these initial four games.

The Game

Eternal Dragons™ is a play and earn game on the Solana blockchain that rewards you with Eternium for your achievements. Eternium is the utility token of the Eternal Dragons™ universe and will also be required for performing various tasks. Some uses planned for this token include:

  • Levelling up dragons
  • Healing dragons
  • Breeding
  • Competition entry fees
  • Decorations
  • Resource producers and mines
  • Town halls and other buildings
  • Potions and spell casting
  • Teleportation

But more than anything, Eternium will act as the bridge for value creation and transference both in- and outside of the game. It’s at the core of the token flow that creates real-world value for the community.

The Prologue focuses on the release of an NFT collection of 10,000 unique Eternal Dragons™ that will kick-start the breeding game. This game will populate the universe with dragons and set the franchise up for future games.

In Chapter 1, players will bring their army of dragons and minions into the arena to battle in an auto chess battle-like experience. This core gameplay allows for extensibility of the dragon NFTs, as well as providing a good balance of strategy and skill versus luck.

Chapter 2 focuses on founding a house to support your alliance before the final instalment planned for the franchise. Then, Chapter 3 will put those alliances against each other. You will be able to lead your armies across the world in search of answers to the eternal questions that will bestow on you the ultimate power of the universe.

Putting Fun First and Including the Community Transparently and Fairly

Our mission is to build an inclusive community where everybody has fun, feels safe, and brings the world a little closer together by providing a new universe where we can connect. By embracing the Web 3.0 principles and technology we want to properly reward engagement and commitment to bring gaming to a whole new level.

On our mission to give the community a place to belong, play and prosper, some of our core tenets are:

Putting Fun First

It all starts with the entertainment value of the core gameplay. This has to be at the centre of everything to drive meaningful engagement.

Inclusion and Community

We want everyone using our platform to feel a sense of belonging, and invite people from all backgrounds to develop meaningful connections within our universe. We will also actively listen to the community to seek input on both concepts and game development as well as the future governance of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).


Through the use of blockchain technology, we cement the trust needed to trade confidently in a virtual economy that is not centralized but co-owned by the broader community.


We want every type of player involved to be an active stakeholder in our games. To achieve this, we intend to distribute the value from these games more fairly across the board and in the wider community.

The Revolution of Web3.0 Gaming is here — Join us!

Eternal Dragons™ tests the boundaries between our world and the game universe. With Eternium, the game could change our views on what is work and what is leisure. In building this experience together, we are all creating something completely new. So fasten your seat belt and step into the future, and join us on this epic journey to make history together.

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