Aligning our technical solution to business goals

The shift from Web2 to Web3 gaming is driven by three key elements: community, ownership, and an ever expanding world. Developers are not the only ones harvesting the results of the commitment, dedication, and time spent by members of the community.

Unfortunately, speed, transaction costs, and trust in the project are major barriers to Web3 game adoption. These are the main hurdles we’ve had to overcome when we were exploring technical blockchain solutions.

We identified and evaluated numerous potential solutions for the best possible strategy for Eternal Dragons. A key factor in this decision-making process was the ecosystem — we wanted to ensure that the solution we choose allows us to grow a large community. Solana blockchain was able to offer this ability, and is also well-known for their speed and minimal transaction costs.

However, the biggest reason we chose Solana blockchain was its technical alignment to our vision of expanding the Eternal Dragons universe and involving our community.

One of Solana’s technical paradigms is a clear separation between the data and the logic that processes the data. This allows any member of our community to purchase an NFT, “decorate” its data, extend the logic that processes the data, and ultimately create added value to that NFT.

This capability aligns with our vision of an ever growing series of games, which not only provides NFTs but also allows the community to shape them in the future.

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