A New Dawn for Eternal Dragons: Inclusive Gameplay Updates, Test Market Release, and Community Expansion Goals

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In a recent vision statement, our CEO Alex Arias outlined the bold vision for Eternal Dragons, aligning it with the dynamic currents of today’s gaming landscape. Our mission remains clear: to craft a game that’s not only inclusive but, above all, brings a lot of fun to mobile gamers of all different types. Over the past weeks, our dedicated team has tirelessly implemented sweeping improvements and enhancements, and we’re thrilled to present these to our esteemed community and the wider gaming world.

The game updates open up Eternal Dragons to a much wider potential audience, encouraging gamers of all types to join the fun. This new and inclusive version is being launched in test markets across the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Additionally, it will be accessible to our broader community via APK and Testflight versions on our website. We anticipate our established player base will warmly welcome this new wave of players, fostering a deeper appreciation for and enjoyment of the game’s experience.

This piece will dissect our updates, demonstrating the tremendous effort and careful consideration that went into reimagining the Eternal Dragons auto-battler for the modern gaming era. So, relax and dive into the latest enhancements that promise to expand the allure of the Eternal Dragons universe.

Game Modes

Our ‘Saga’ mode has undergone a significant expansion based on invaluable user feedback. This mode, where Dragoneers face off against ever-evolving AI adversaries, now boasts an impressive 24 levels. It takes center stage as the initial experience for new players; they just hit ‘Play’ to set off on their Eternal Dragons journey. Progressing through each level now comes with its own rewards (more on that shortly), and the PvP Arena unlocks for new players after they master the first eight levels of this immersive game mode.

PvP mode remains the flagship arena for those who have conquered AI challenges and seek to test their mettle against human adversaries. Following feedback on battle animations, we’ve adjusted PvP battle speeds to 2x and will continue fine-tuning them to ensure the best possible battle experience. PvP victories against AI opponents now earn you trophies on our daily leaderboard and are reflected in your overall stats and win ratings. As we evaluate the best ways to incorporate and reward your beloved Guilds into the mobile native experience, Guild leaderboards are temporarily removed.

Challenge mode is removed for now as we focus on crafting the perfect Saga and PvP experiences. Rest assured, though, scenario-based trials will return, providing even greater rewards and true tests of skill in the future.

Gameplay — Units

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the action! Units, the characters at your command, have undergone a substantial overhaul based on new insights. Initially, each player has the opportunity to summon three initial units. As you progress through the game, you’ll receive scrolls of varying quality as rewards for battle victories, which can be used to summon additional units to your army. Summoned units will, in time, be upgradable via a progression system, ensuring they remain the keys to your battle successes.

Your summoned units will stand alongside ‘Support Units’, Minions that only appear in your battle shop. These additional units not only give you a sense of what you could win as you progress but also expand rosters to help with gameplay balance and provide a smooth onboarding experience for new players. The combination of summoned and support units provides a varied and fun experience for new players, with no two battles ever feeling quite the same!

To facilitate these changes, we’ve removed NFT integration and league rewards. It is vital with our move into test markets that an intuitive, fair, and balanced experience is created for new players. The upcoming period will allow us to gather data and establish the correct way to integrate assets acquired outside the game (NFTs, Eternium) into the new game economy sustainably. You can read more details on how external assets will be handled moving forward in CEO Alex’s update article.

This version has streamlined the number of Classes and Affinities to six each. This temporary adjustment aligns with our ongoing efforts to harmonize with the new game design and, most importantly, creates an accessible onboarding experience for new players:

  • Classes — Assassin, Mage, Hunter, Tanker, Druid, Fighter.
  • Affinities — Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Metal, Nature.

Gameplay — Inventory & Shop

Enter the player inventory, where your summoned Units will reside while they await their next battle. Newly summoned Units will find their place in your inventory, strengthening your collection. This space also accommodates items like scrolls, which can be earned in-game and used to summon new Units through the shop.

And how does the shop operate? Initially, it will offer:

  • Energy: A vital force that must be available to battle and replenished when your army becomes weary. There are further details in the gameplay section below.
  • Scrolls: Acquired with Eternium and Gems won in-game. They can also be won directly by completing Saga levels!
  • Summons: Use your Scrolls to summon a new Unit!

Through battles in Saga mode, you’ll earn both Gems and Eternium, which can then be used to acquire scrolls, energy, and, soon, other items!

Gameplay — Battles

Prepare for a revamped battle experience in Eternal Dragons. A notable addition is ‘Energy,’ a valuable resource that depletes with each battle in Saga mode from level nine onwards. Once it hits zero, you’ll need to wait for it to replenish before diving back into the action. Fear not, as energy regenerates at one unit every five minutes, ensuring you’re never out of the action for long. Can’t wait? Energy can be instantly replenished in the shop using your Gems!

While the flow of the battle remains consistent, the battle shop experience has substantially transformed. Gold no longer disappears after each round; you can hold onto it for subsequent rounds. Units are now priced differently based on their tier and yield varying amounts when sold:

The gold earned after each round depends on performance in the previous round. If you win the previous round, you’ll receive extra gold to spend. Should you lose three rounds in a row, you’ll receive extra gold to help you fight back!

Eternal Dragons Audio!

Prepare for an auditory revolution! Eternal Dragons now boast a rich soundscape that will accompany you through its universe, adding an immersive layer to the battle arenas. Our audio will evolve in the coming months, continuously enhancing your gaming experience.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on these updates! Your feedback is invaluable to us and can be shared across all platforms. Dive into the new and improved Eternal Dragons auto-battler, and stay tuned for more updates!

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